Dear Valued Customers,

I am sure you are well aware of the implications of the Coronavirus for cargo moving from China into Europe but we are now starting to see notifications from various shipping / air lines relating to UK exports.

These notification raise major concerns of impending equipment shortages throughout Europe, many vessels are also omitting round trip voyages from China to the EU, this will inevitably have a huge impact on equipment availability and vessel space for UK exports.

The shipping line OOCL have confirmed that in week 11 / 12 they will have only 10% of their usual capacity available in the UK & Maersk have stated that the space situation in the UK is critical, all vessels to the Far East + Middle East are closed for the duration of March.

There is also a strain on all import & export airfreight capacity due to many missing passenger flights to / from China, with only freighter aircraft available the space is limited & rates are increasing on a daily basis.

We strongly suggest that you give us as much notice as possible for future bookings and if the information is available, sight of future orders (suggestions are that these space issues to continue for at least two months).

We all hope that this medical emergency will improve quickly, but we are fully aware & prepared for the challenges our industry will face over the coming months.

Rest assured that Zenith International Freight and our partners around the World are working on contingency plans to minimize the disruption & we will keep you updated of any further industry notifications when received.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or any Zenith staff member should you need to discuss things further relating to your future import or export shipping.