Zenith is highly expert and experienced in the completion of specialist and complex projects that require bespoke operations – especially in the transport of very heavy items and consignments.

Special Project

We are the out-of-gauge shipment experts worldwide

Complete project management from door-to-door

Access to specialist export packing solutions

Logistics services to the oil and gas industries worldwide

Specialist loading of steel products and heavy lift pieces to standard containers

Access to an unprecedented level of conventional shipping services from the UK and continent




Hazardous Goods


Temperature Controlled


Global Presence



Yorkshire Airfreight specialist

Our partnership with Zenith simplifies the entire export procedure and minimises
our staff time and expenditure

Yorkshire Airfreight specialist

Zenith manage our European loads, worldwide sea freight and airfreight,
in excess of £3 million

Yorkshire Airfreight specialist

A highly professional standard of service

Yorkshire Airfreight specialist

Zenith - an integral part of our logistics since 2005

Yorkshire Airfreight specialist

We're now in our 8th year of partnership with Zenith International
which I think speaks volumes about their service level and dedication

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